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The Department administers a range of funding schemes and programmes to support the provision of youth services to young people throughout the country including those from disadvantaged communities. The funding schemes support national and local youth work involving approximately 1,400 youth work staff in youth services and communities throughout the country.


Youth Service Grant Scheme

30 national and major regional voluntary organisations receive annual funding to ensure the emergence, promotion, growth and development of youth organisations with the aim of the social education of young people.

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Special Projects for Youth

171 projects currently receive grant-aid for out-of-school projects, such as special youth work initiatives. Grants are allocated to organisations and groups for specific projects which seek to address the needs of young people who are disadvantaged. These grants are made available through local ETBs. 

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Young Peoples Facilities and Services Fund Rounds 1 and 2

Established in 1998 the fund is designed to assist in the development of preventative strategies through the development of youth facilities, including sports and recreational facilities, and services. The aim is to attract "at risk" young people ages 10-21 away from the dangers of substance abuse. These grants are made available through local ETBs.

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Local Youth Club Grant Scheme

The Local Youth Club Grant Scheme incorporating the National Quality Standards for Volunteer-led Youth Groups 2017. Designed to support youth work activities at a local level.  These grants are made available to all youth clubs and groups through local ETBs. There are currently 1,400 youth groups/clubs eligible. 

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Youth Information Centres

This programme currently funds 24 Youth Information Centres.  The purpose of these Centres is to make information on rights, opportunities, benefits, health, welfare and other matters available and easy to access. Many YICs offer additional services and also provide a variety of outreach activities such as publications... workshops... seminars... exhibitions... schools & youth club work.... These grants are made available through local ETBs.

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Local Drug Task Force projects

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